collection of roses

These are the roses we have in our garden, they all bloomed beautifully this year and I decided to make a collection of them. So...beware of many pictures of roses, of many colors, mainly yellow. But even so, they are beautiful to look at. 

you have my cat there, blurred in the background. Mao~Mao says hi!

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on the finger

A very brave damselfly, on a sunny day. A walk in the park turned out in to a nice opportunity for taking pictures. Along with this beautiful odonata, I've taken a few pictures of frogs. I find them very cute. Like some grumpy water owners that ribbit all the time.  

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gather the moments

These are pictures I have taken randomly, they don't go in pair with the others. A flying bag in the wind, two dogs (one stray and the other with an owner), random note saying "movement", found under a bench in the botanical garden and a pair of cute earrings I bought. I love taking random shots like these, because I think it captures random moments, rather than something you plan at (like me wanting badly to take a picture of a flower or a dragonfly) 

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