blue damselfly

And this is how I found out that a damselfly is not a dragonfly. But they do come from the same family of insects so don't be too confused if you mix them up!

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They say green is the color of envy, but I think green resembles peace and tranquility more than an angry soul. Green is nature and vitality. I would love to have my kitchen walls painted lime green or a more subtle vivid green. I think it makes food more tasty. 

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wild white

Beautiful trees that grow on the fields nearby. The white flowers smell extremely nice, sweet but no very strong. Once you take a small branch to put in water it withers very fast. So, I think they're better to be admired like this rather than taken as decorative flowers.

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I live next to fields and a small forest. So I encounter lots of horsies on my walks. I feel privileged to get close to such magnificent animals. Some are very gentle and love to interact. 

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the secret

4 december 2008
I’ll leave you my secret,
Jabed inside sea shells and snails
Put it next to your ear  and hear
The white dream.
Puffed in waves, catching sight
Starched in nothingness’s fist,
It’s just the echo of mislay;
And when on your lids glide
Tears of light
Never forget...
The white dream.

And you’ll wear it sacrament, in the shadow,
Hypnotizing cruelty of ruby
With your open lips
That steam the window of life with tender calls,
The fiber that imprints on the glass
I’d drink it to the last drop.
To drown in the touch of night,
When you’ll listen again
To the white dream,

My secret.
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fragile blue

Under the clouds
31 May 2008

Butterflies bathing is sun’s rays,
And poppies blooming in the month of may
Weaving a passing red
With the faded green fields,
A view in the waterplay of tears
That shatter down with yearning
Beside tombs and roods your stept tale you...

Under the clouds.
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just the two of us

16 April 2010

I don’t want to fly,
But to float above the waves
On the ship with smoke stacks that make white trails
To know that the earth from depth
Will engulf the berth of desillusions
And bury it between sea horses and seaweeds.
To watch the shore getting smaller
Like a point uproot from natal.

I don’t want wings to fly,
But sculls to row
Me and my shadow, on the water, pedants towards nowhere
Fudging words without nostalgia,
Not even the prisoner’s bedrock
Drowned in the blood that flowed without avail.
When each moment is younger then the other,
Is ticking after the clock that stoped from mesuring.

I don’t want to fly,
But let my memories run from my view
Gunning on the train tracks,
To watch their undescribable form
Overlaping connections that whittle.
Stoping at the station where cherries are in blossom

Of a white that silences belligerent voices.
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Xylocopa violacea

This creature was visiting our garden so after some search on Wikipedia, I found what it was exactly.

Xylocopa violacea, the violet carpenter beeIndian Bhanvra  is the common European species of carpenter bee, and one of the largest bees in Europe. Like most members of the genus Xylocopa, it makes its nests in dead wood.
It is not particularly aggressive and will attack only if forced to. It is sometimes mistaken for the European hornet. This species is well known in India as the 'Bhanvra'.
In 2006 it was reported from Cardigan and 2007 it was found breeding in England for the first time in Leicestershire, this follows a northwards expansion of its range in France and Germany and breeding in the Channel Islands and in 2010 it was also recorded in Northamptonshire andWorcestershire.
Violet Carpenter Bees hibernate overwinter and they emerge in the spring, usually around April or May. Hibernation is undertaken by the adults in wood where there are abandoned nest tunnels. In the late spring or early summer, they may be seen around searching for mates and suitable nesting sites. After mating, the gravid queens bore tunnels in dead wood, which is where the name Carpenter Bee comes from,although old nest tunnels may be used. Like other solitary bees, the queen creates the nest alone. The eggs are laid within a series of small cells, each of which is supplied with a pollen ball for the larvae to feed upon. The adults emerge in late summer then hibernate until the following year.
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wordless wednesday / miercurea fara cuvinte

Miercurea fara cuvinte incepe la CARMEN
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little red

This little cute bug is very bad for the lilies that you have in your garden. It's better to remove them before they spread their eggs and eat the leaves. Your flowers will have a longer life once you get rid of those cute bugs. 

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the uninvited

I don't like photographing insects very much, they have the tendency to be all over the place and sometimes bump into me. It's a nasty feeling I get once I collide with an insect. I get the weird feeling that they're on me, someplace I can't see them.
The ones I tolerate are ladybugs.
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ochre butterfly

Butterflies are so hard to photograph!They don't sit too long on a flower and they sense movement very fast so they end up flying away. Each time I catch one with my camera, it's a celebration! 
This type is very common in my area. 

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the versatile blogger award

Da, asta am primit eu acum ceva vreme. Ma bucur mult de tot si ii multumesc Alinei ca s-a gandit sa ma nominalizeze. Va invit sa-i vizitati blogul oricand aveti chef sa va delectati ochii si sufletul cu imagini, desene sau fotografii care va vor incanta si va vor inspira.
Acum am sa "povestesc" Alinei si voua 7 lucruri despre mine, cu mentiunea ca toate vor avea legatura cu ceea ce fac eu pe acest blog. Adica poze, desene sau pictura.

1. Cel mai recent desen al meu este in acuarela, infatiseaza o fata langa o bicicleta pentru ca demult mi-am dorit sa invat sa merg pe bicicleta. Nu l-am scanat inca, abia astept sa o fac.

2. Recent m-a rugat cineva sa fac doua portrete si mi-a placut destul de mult cum am lucrat la ele. Nu am mai desenat demult in creion, in special portrete, asa ca a fost un exercitiu destul de greu.
PS: cand fac portrete nu prea am tendinta sa masor, fac totul dupa ochi. :)) proful meu de desen m-ar certa acum...Momentan acele "portrete" sunt o surpriza, dupa ce i le va darui persoanei, le voi face si eu publice.

3. Imi plac macii extrem de mult, am tendinta sa-i pictez intotdeauna pe panza. Am cel putin patru sau cinci tablouri infatisand maci in diverse ipostaze. Unele sunt facute cadou, alte doua le am puse prin casa.

4. Mi-e dor sa pictez in culori in ulei. Sunt cele mai usor de folosit, se imbina foarte bine si in caz ca exista greseli se remediaza simplu. Din pacate, sunt destul de scumpe si nu mi le permit.

5. In schimb pentru ca este ieftin, lucrez des in acuarela. Inca nu m-am deprins cu diferitele moduri de a "stapani" apa si culoarea. Aici sunt un invatacel lenes.

6. Cel mai recent am pozat o ganganie zburatoare, la noi in curte care polenizeaza floarea "gura leului" (nu stiu ce denumire are stiintifico-botanic)

7. Prefer sa fac poze in natura decat cele urbane, arhitecturale sau oamenilor. In natura ma simt in largul meu.

I want to see the forest from all the deadwood by ~xaaranovack on deviantART

 Si cum am primit o supriza pe care vreau sa o daruiesc altora, regulile pentru a da mai departe acest premiu sunt:
1. Multumeste-i persoanei care te-a nominalizat
2. Include link-ul catre blogul respectiv.
3. Selecteaza 15 blogarite pe care le-ai descoperit recent sau pe care le urmaresti constant
4. Lasa link la ultima lor postare pentru a le anunta
5. Spune-i persoanei care te-a nominalizat 7 lucruri despre tine

Pentru ca numarul de blogarite pe care le cunosc eu nu-i chiar atat de mare, plus ca unele dintre ele deja au fost nominalizate, iata alegerile mele:

Ayase, Phantom, Lady in Red, Sapphires, Andera si cam atat. Vedeti? Nu exagerez cand spun ca nu stiu multa lume! :))

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