wordless wednesday/miercurea fara cuvinte

Miercurea fara cuvinte incepe la CARMEN
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sea blue petals

13 August 2006

Dark eyelashes shadow the look,
Lids that open and close
In a hide and seek game;
Concealing blu liquid eyes,

Pink full lips,
Make roses fade away
Beauty inside dreams
Fulfilled, and feelings were born.

Pure heart, innocent child
Your reciving embrace,
Is my home. Peace and longing – permanently.
Blu, in the sky and the sea.

Serene eyes, keeping our secrets,
Recollection of melancholy and amour
Intense nights and irradiant mornings.

Pieces of clouds, water drops...
Remind of a pure Blu,
That gave all the love
In a dire and stained sunset.  

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08 August 2010

Through the open windows
An orchestra of crickets sings after the storm
A cheerfull song of drowning sorrow
And to sleep the pain away
So it will be lost tomorrow.

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I like how these small flowers smell in spring once they bloom. It's faint but you can still feel their sweetness once you've smelled them once. 

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take my blues away

3 April 2006

irradiating colors,
hang on sun rays
like the last hope, last salvation;
trying not to give in to the abyss

light invades everything,
waking the life in to the shadows
drowning darkness,
the moon and the stars,

you can’t grudge
and you desperately ask yourself :
-          Is this sunrise,
or the last sunset?

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the bell

12 July 2009

Scratched in the heart’s scab,
grey of cold nights.
With tear-wet sleeves,
I whipe the dreams in which I’ll sleep.

If my writting would be,
A voice...
It would whisper while you rest
Nothing that can be said,
Like a watergame,
Through tall waves
When I reach my arm from depths,
Know how to hold my hand!
I won’t give you all, but a finger.

Like a crust over a wound
A bee over a flower,
You want to protect me
The kiss we share to be sweet polen.

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