one's winter

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wordless wednesday / miercurea fara cuvinte

Poza aceasta a fost aleasa fotografia lunii septembrie (2010) pe Anime Empire si a fost acceptata si aici.
Pentru a participa la Miercurea fara cuvinte, va inscrieti la CARMEN 
Happy Wordless Wednesday!
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How to draw after a photograph

This is probably not new for people who studied art, I'm making this guidance post for all that are new to art, drawing or painting. I learned the squares technique in college, and from then on it always helped me when it comes to difficult images, that contain buildings, many objects or even portraits.
It's also helpful when you try to copy a small image, like a stamp for example, and draw it on a A4 or A3 size.
Don't get mad if sometimes you screw up, to me it happens all the time. Try to number all the squares, from up and down, on both, the image and the paper. Even if you might confuse some during the process, don't give up. When you get to details, feel free to add your own in to the drawing or painting you're making. For example the building from the left, in my image, was old and abandoned. I changed it from abandoned in to a normal looking one. But this is just one's choice.

The final result you can see it here.
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Because we all deserve to be free.
Old painting made on A4 paper in oil colors.
I was reminded of it, especially now, that Romania is fighting (again) for democracy, against a corrupted government. I hope freedom will be fulfilled. 

Pentru ca meritam sa fim liberi.
O pictura veche, facuta pe coala A4 in culori in ulei.
Mi-am adus aminte de ea, in special acum cand Romania lupta (inca odata) pentru democratie, impotriva unui guvern corupt. Sper ca libertatea sa se implineasca!
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This picture is made by using a picture from an old book that had illustration of all important cities in Romania. It won't be the last one, I'll do more. 
Sighisoara is part of Transylvania one of the medieval towns in Romania. Vlad Tepes, the historical ruler,  whom Bram Stoker based his Dracula book on, was born in this town. 
In a way, although I'm not really a fan of fantasy films, books and other things that have to do with vampires, I'm... hard to say proud, but maybe satisfied that our history, of a small and insignificant country, that many europeans have no idea where it is on the map, gave a myth so strong. 
This way, I want to be mean, sort of. Remembering how some french citizens laughed at our country, because we are beggers, because we have thieves, etc. French people gave their own sausage of rulers with blood thirst. Kings and queens, one that was famous of smelling and looking like death.
Compared to Vlad Dracul, they killed their own, for power over people and silly ambition of ruling. Vlad Tepes killed thieves, turkish soldiers from the menacing Otoman Empire. 
Our history, dear french readers, if any of you can or will read this, sells, even if it's a prevaricate truth. Yours is not so famous. 
And no, most of us are not beggers. Most of us have the same blood in our veins as Emil Cioarn, Constantin Brancusi, or as our hero, that died for your country, Ioan N. Romanescu. But some of you are more preocupied of making fun, rather then knowing your own history. Because only that way you can be disrespectful. 

Back to the drawing, is made with black liner 0,5 on A4 paper.


Desenul este facut dupa o poza veche din cetatea Sighisoarei pe care am gasit-o intr-o carte ce contine poze de acest gen din toate orasele importante ale tarii. Am sa desenez alte cateva, deci nu va fi singura.
Compozitie pentru care am utilizat liner negru 0,5 pe coala A4. 

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wordless wednesday / miercurea fara cuvinte

Pentru Miercurea fara cuvinte participati la CARMEN
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renew old canvas

This is what I did recently, when I found an old painting of mine. When I looked at it, I felt that it wasn't representative for the present, so I decided to make a new one, over it. 
For it you will need to buy zinc oxide powder. Here, we find it in special shops for paints and those types of practical markets.

Now with your zinc oxide powder, you mix in some water and polyvinyl alcohol, which is a type of white soft glue.  This will make a white paste that will stick and adhere to the surface of the canvas. 

Depending on the quality of the materials you use, the paste might cause small clefts or cracks. Don't renounce, you can retouch it with chasten colors. If you get leftovers from the mixture, don't throw it away, you can mix it with other colors to brighten them, or obtain beautiful grays.

I added a few details on it, also this type of mixture can allow you to play and compose relief forms. To make the relief forms stay and resist, you can go back and glue them.

This is how my finished painting looks like. Since I made it with oil colors, I'll have to wait like a week until it dries. I personally use this method for my old canvas or drawings on cardboard that I don't like anymore or I don't like how they came out.
Hope it will help anyone who wants to try it.
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My first painting this year, so I thought of something symbolic, deep and significant. Moving forward, accepting challenges and hoping for the best.
Size: 31X44 cm, made with oil colors.

Primul meu tablou pe anul acesta, asa ca m-am gandit la ceva simbolic, profund si semnificativ. Mergand inainte, acceptand provocarile si sperand pentru mai bine.
Marime: 31x44 cm, facut in tempera in ulei.
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field of poppies

Poppies are my favorite flowers, and this time I was inspired. I made this painting for myself, to hang it in the dressing room. I had a bit of fear that I wouldn't be able to finish it properly, or do it well, but... it ended up alright.
Size: 24,5x29,5. Made with oil colors.

Macii sunt florile mele preferate, iar de data aceasta am avut inspiratie. Am facut tabloul pentru mine, sa-l atarn in camera de dressing. Am fost putin tematoare ca nu il voi finisa cum trebuie, sau sa-l fac bine, insa... a iesit destul de bine.
Marimea: 24,5x29,5 in tempera in ulei.
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muse of corruption

I kind of ruined the background, but I still love the composition all in all. It contains symbolic meanings, starting with the woman, a subjective representation of the statue of justice. Here it is represented with bared chest and legs, revealing the easiness in choosing a corrupted path. The pigeon is a symbol of freedom, but here it has its back to the person who is watching, so the freedom can be interpreted as subjective, with the back facing us, the ones with less power and money. The scale has on one side a skull, death to the ones that can't be above the law by taking advantages and opportunities that they don't deserve. The snake and the centipede is for the ones who crawl but still make it to a top spot. 
All in all, we live in a world with no justice. I'm speaking as a citizen in my country, where corruption has become a value. We have no hope...

Am cam stricat fundalul, dar per total imi place compozitia. Contine intelesuri simbolice, incepand cu femeia, o reprezentare subiectiva a statuiei dreptatii si justitiei. Aici este reprezentata cu pieptul dezgolit si picioarele dezgolite, dezvaluindu-si usurinta cu care alege caile corpute. Porumbelul, simbolul dreptatii este infatisat cu spatele la privitor, astfel libertatea este subiectiva si interpretabila, cu spatele la cei care au putere putina si bani putini. Balanta are intr-o parte un craniu, moartea celor care nu sunt presus de lege, cei care nu incearca sa profite de oportunitati pe care nu le merita. Sarpele si miriapodul sunt cei care se tarasc pentru a ajunge sus. 
Prin urmare, traim intr-o lume fara justitie. Vorbesc ca cetatean al tarii mele, unde coruptia a devenit o valoare. Nu mai avem speranta...
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nightly bird

The owl is a creature of the night. It has a lugubrious cry, and its been said that when it is heard, a death will come soon. The owl also represents wisdom, in Antique Greece, Athens the godess of wisdom had an owl as a symbol. My owl here wants to be both, a combination between human and owl representing the human as a creature of the night, mysterious and feared.
Done on thin A4 paper, with 0,7 mm BIC pencil.

Bufnita este o creatura a noptii. Are un cantec lugubru, si se spune ca atunci cand este auzit, acesta prevesteste moartea. Bufnita reprezinta de asemenea si intelepciunea, in Grecia Antica, Atena zeita intelepciunii era simbolizata de o bufnita. In desenul meu am vrut sa reprezint ambele laturi, o combinatie dintre femeie si bufnita, o creatura a noptii, misterioasa si de temut.
Compozitie pe hartie subtire A4, in creion BIC cu mina de 0,7 mm
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schetsblock no.2 finished!

I have to admit I'm quite pleased to finish this one too, in a short period of time. I was full of inspiration, plus, the type of paper, which was thicker allowed me to use it for tempera, and that was easy to work with. I made some compositions using watercolors also, the ones with the hill, the dragonfly,the eagle and the field. Oh, and Helena :) Almost forgot about her...Sometimes I draw imaginary faces, and I name them however I think it fits. It's like in those moments when you meet a person for the first time, and when you hear they name, you think that it really fits their whole being. Ain't it very spiritual?

I'm looking forward for my next schetsblock, even though the paper is tenuous, almost see trough... It will be mostly crayon style compositions and I already have two made. The first one is representing a woman who is a night creature, and the symbol I used was the owl, while the other represents corruption and I've used this as a "bestow" for my country's (shitty) politicians&laws.

Trebuie sa recunosc sunt multumita ca am reusit sa termin si acest caiet de desen, intr-o perioada foarte scurta. Am avut inspiratie, plus ca, hartia a fost putin mai groasa permitandu-mi sa folosesc tempera, asa ca a fost usor sa lucrez cu ea. Am facut cateva compozitii folosind acuarela, cea cu dealul, libelula, vulturul si campul. Ah, si Helena. :) Aproape ca uitasem de ea...Uneori desenez chipuri imaginare, si le pun nume dupa cum cred ca se potriveste. La fel ca in acele momente in care intalnim o persoana pentru prima oara si cand le auzim numele, ne gandim cat de mult se potriveste cu toata fiinta lor. Nu e foarte spiritual?

Astept cu nerabdare sa termin si noul meu caiet de desen, desi colile sunt subtiri, aproape ca se vede prin ele. Astfel vor fi compozitii doar in creion si deja am inceput doua. Prima reprezinta femeia drept creatura a noptii, simbolul folosit fiind bufnita, iar celalat reprezinta coruptia si am folosit-o drept "dedicatie" pentru tara mea, legile si politicienii (de rahat)
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Obsessive compulsive

This is a style I've tried in high-school and I've got back to it for this particular painting. Since I've chosen such strong colors, I gave it a title that is not really something to take lightly. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental blockage in a repetitive behavior and type of thoughts that are hard to overcome and make a person fearful and uncomfortable. It is something that affects many adults and teenagers.
Made with tempera in A4 paper.

Este un stil pe care l-am incercat in liceu si la care m-am intors pentru compozitia aceasta. De vreme ce am ales culori atat de tari, i-am dat un titlu destul de serios. Maladia obsesiv-compulsiva este un blocaj mental cu comportament repetitiv si ganduri tipice peste care se trece greu, facand o persoana sa se simta tematoare sau incomodata. Afecteaza atat tineri cat si adulti.
Compozitie in tempera pe hartie A4.
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in betweens


still got the blues


View of Constanta

last days of summer

field with trees

childhood trees

dragonfly ink

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The mouse and the frog_Aesop's fable

"A ground mouse, over some unfortunate fate, became friends with a frog. The frog, reasoning a wile, he tied the rodent's leg along with hers. They walked, firstly, around fields, to eat grains, but then they got close to a lake's strand. The frog dragged the mouse in to the lake and, enjoying herself in the water she started croaking. The poor mouse, filled with water, died and floated tied to the frog's leg. An eagle seeing him, jumped and took it in to its claws and the frog, tied to the mouse, ended up in the sky also, as pray for the eagle.
The fable shows that even from the dead, revenge can be taken."

Watercolor and ink on A4 paper

"Un soarece de uscat, printr-o soarta nefericita, se imprieteni cu o broasca. Broasca, chibzuind cu viclesug, ii lega piciorul lui de piciorul sau. Mersera, mai intai, pe camp, ca sa manance grau, dar mai apoi se apropriara de malul unui lac.
Broasca trase soarecele in lac si, bucurandu-se de apa, incepu sa oracaie. Sarmanul soarece, umflat de apa, isi dadu sufletul si plutea legat de piciorul broastei. Vazandu-l un uliu, il lua in gheare si broasca, legata de soarece, se pomeni sus, ajungand si ea prada pentru uliu.
Fabula ne arata ca si dupa moarte, razbunarea se poate implini."

Acuarela si cerneala pe coala A4.

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summer moved on

I wanted to use colors that would fit the end of summer. The clock symbolizes a sun with half powers, and the penny-farthing bicycle i added because I have a vintage necklace that I like a lot, and I wanted to make something like a reminder, and since I added a vintage piece, others came to fit the composition. The gramophone and the old key are some of the objects I picked.
Made on A4 paper with watercolor tempera.

Am vrut sa folosesc culori care sa se potriveasca cu sfarsitul verii. Cadranul ceasului simbolizeaza soarele, cu puteri injumatatite, iar velocipedul l-am adaugat pentru ca am un pandantiv vintage care imi place mult si am vrut un fel de amintire a sa. Iar cum compozitia contine deja un element vintage, am adaugat si alte doua, gramofonul si cheia veche, printre obiectele care le-am ales.
Compozitie pe coala A4 in tempera.
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lady with the dreams

and red hair....
(tempera on A4 paper)

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halloween cheer

Just some imaginary trick-or-treat.
A4 paper with tempera.

Ne dati sau nu ne dati, la modul imaginar.
Compozitie pe coala A4 in tempera.
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behind the spiral curtains

The curtain hides her hair, the curtain hides her body...she can be all behind the curtain, we might never know. But they don't say "Ignorance is bliss" for nothing. Sometimes knowing can open Pandora's box.
Made with tempera on A4 paper.

Cortina ii ascunde parul, cortina ii ascunde trupul...ea poate fi cu totul in spatele cortinei, nu vom sti niciodata. Nu se spune ca "Fericirea e ignoranta" degeraba. Uneori a sti, poate deschide o cutie a Pandorei.
Compozitie in tempera pe coala A4
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this is no wishing well

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our frozen history

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