The name I've got from Dana Dragomir's song from the album Pandana. It's a wonderful relaxing album, quite inspiring. Her flute can take you anywhere your mind wishes, sometimes leaving you with the breath caught in your throat. I think her music is magical.
Back to the drawing, it's something I sketched on a whim a month ago and I didn't get to finish it until yesterday. My health problems got to me, and I'm trying to stay positive, not to fall into depression, you know. So I'll try to focus on my art and writings.
By the way, I'm not trying to encourage smoking. I was a smoker in the past and all I can say about it now is that it's a waste of money and time. But when my nerves get me, I do wish I'd "blow some steam". I resist. 
You can download the song: Ote'ae

The drawing is made on A4 paper, with water crayons (which sadly are almost consumed) It's not a portrait of someone known, it's an imaginary beautiful redhead (almost blonde) girl. But if it resembles someone you might now, I'm very glad.

Numele este dat dupa cantecul Danei Dragomir, de pe albumul Pandana. Un album cu muzica relaxanta, minunat si inspirational. Naiul ei te duce oriunde mintea iti pofteste, uneori lasandu-te cu aerul facut nod in gat. Muzica ei e magica.
Despre desen, este ceva ce m-am apucat sa schitez acum o luna, dar ieri m-am decis sa il finalizez. Desi problemele de sanatate ma impiedica oarecum, incerc sa-mi pastrez optimismul, sa nu cad in depresie, stiti voi. Asa ca am sa incerc sa ma concentrez pe desen si scris cat pot de mult si sa nu ma gandesc la altele.
Ca fapt divers, nu incerc sa incurajez fumatul. Chiar eu am fumat in trecut, si tot ce am sa spun despre asta este ca a fost o pierdere de timp si de bani. Uneori ma mai apuca "cheful", la nervi. Rezist insa.
Aici puteti descarca Ote'ae.

Desenul e facut pe coala A4, in carioci (care din pacate sunt pe terminare). Nu este un portret al unei persoane cunoscute, este o fata roscata (cu tente blonde) imaginara. Dar daca se aseamana cu cineva cunoscut voua, atunci ma bucur.

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