The image is scanned and then put together, so excuse the line in the center. I'm not that good at Photoshoping.
Well, I have a lot of explaining to do for this one.
First of all, how lovely the title sounds in english! And how elaborated sounds in my language... - just a thought -

I'll start with the hand, because I used witchcraft symbols and tarot one too. The hand with the eye, symbolizes the evil eye, a curse or bad luck.

The hanged man, the tarot card has lots of meanings, specially along with other tarot cards. But I'll tell you from my personal point of view: the hanged man is still, like reflecting or pondering on his next journey. He's not hanged by his neck, but by his foot, he can untie himself so it means he tied himself in the first place. Somewhere I read that has the intent on finding his spiritual self.

The frog was used in witchcraft to place curses, or in magic. The moth symbolizes the things unknown for the eye...and the circles from up are in the order from left to right: the wheel of life, the fire, water, the four cardinal points and air.

I like owls. Nightly creatures that some believed sang about death. That's one of the reasons I added the owl.
- I associate owls with nights too. But to me it's more like with the ones who can't sleep at night then with mythical stuff -

Made with watercolors, B crayons and 0,5 crayon on A3 cardboard.

Imaginea este scanata, si dupa am unit cele doua parti, asa ca scuzati linia din centru pentru ca nu ma prea pricep la photoshopat.
La compozitia aceasta am multe de explicat. Remarc faptul ca numele in engleza suna mai bine ca in romana.

Incep cu mana, pentru ca am folosit simboluri din vrajitorie si tarot. Mana cu ochiul in centru simbolizeaza ochiul cel rau, un blestem sau ghinion.

Spanzuratul, cartea de tarot are mai multe sensuri, in special in asociere cu alte carti de tarot. Dar din punctul meu de vedere: spanzuratul este nemiscat, ca si cum s-ar gandi sau ar reflecta asupra unei noi calatorii. Nu este spanzuat de gat, ci de picior, ceea ce inseamna ca se poate dezlega dar la fel, se poate lega chiar el. Am citit undeva ca inseamna cautarea spiritualitatii.

Broasca era folosita la vrajitorie si farmece. Molia reprezinta lucruri care nu sunt vizibile la simpla privire, si sunt ascunse, iar cercurile de sus inseamna in ordinea lor dinspre stanga spre dreapta: roata vietii, focul, apa, cele patru puncte cardinale si aerul.

Imi plac bufnitele. Creaturi ale noptii, cantecele lor se credea ca auzite aduc moartea. Acesta e unul din motivele pentru care am adaugat si o bufnita.
- pentru mine mai degraba reprezinta pe cei care nu pot dormi noaptea decat creaturi mitice ale noptii -

Compozitie in acuarela, creioane B, si creion cu mina 0,5 pe carton A3.

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